<![CDATA[Hot Products in the News - Blog]]>Mon, 28 Dec 2015 11:10:17 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[ Light, camera, action for your we based clothing store ghost mannequin photography ]]>Sun, 27 Dec 2015 21:32:32 GMThttp://productsinthenews.weebly.com/blog/-light-camera-action-for-your-we-based-clothing-store-ghost-mannequin-photographyBeing in the photo editing services business, I work with many online business owners as well as photographers. Most of the people I work with are usually small individual business owners or photography studios. Clothing store owners that own and operate a web based clothing store often find them in need of having ghost mannequin photography taken. I have seen in many occasions where web shop owners will hire professional photographers as they are not sure how to shoot those ghost mannequin photography or simply don’t have the time (or they don’t have the patience) to do the ghost mannequin photography themselves.

Where in reality, shooting ghost mannequin photography can be very easy. All you need is a good camera, some skills in taking pictures, know a little about the lights and other setup and you are a professional photographer for your own clothing items.

Seriously, its that easy. Often I see really pathetic images of ghost mannequin photography taken by professional photographers that it breaks my heart seeing how clients are being ripped off on those poor photographs that are supposed to be professional high quality clothing images. Once the poor photographs are taken by some wanabie or lame photographers, then come to me asking those images to be retouched to enhance their look. Now being in the photo editing and retouching business, its great news for me because I get the business of editing those photos, but at the end it is the clothing store owners who pay for those edits.

If you don’t have the budget to hire a professional photographer with proper credentials, then do  yourself a favour and do the ghost mannequin photography shooting yourself. Trust me, its lot better than paying some inexperienced photographers. After all, you cannot make it any worse. At the end, you save money for the photographers who will charge you easy $20 - $50 per photo taken.

Once you take those photos yourself for your clothing items, you can then pass those images to the professional photo editing service providers like me and we can take it form there. Edit cost will be half as there will be only need to do ghost mannequin photography editing. No need for any actual image editing or retouching to enhance the look of the image as it came up right to begin with.

<![CDATA[Packshot photographers needing clipping path services]]>Wed, 16 Dec 2015 22:26:35 GMThttp://productsinthenews.weebly.com/blog/packshot-photographers-needing-clipping-path-services
There is no packshot photographer on earth that doesn’t require clipping path services. Packshot photography with its own nature require some photo editing or photo retouching once the production is done. Typically the packshot photographer takes the photos, client selects them for editing, then they go through post production photo editing process before being published on the web or on the print.

Packshot photography companies are usually pretty busy taking product photos as required by their clients. In some cases, some busy packshot photographers shoot commercial product photography whole day long. These commercial product photography then go through the studio selection process to identify the ones that need to be sent to client for client selection.

Packshot photography clients select the photos, it goes back to the photographer again for further work before publication. Not all packshot photographer work the same way however. At the same time, not all the packshot photography clients are the same when it comes to assigning the job, selecting the products, etc.

However, in general, all packshot photographer company require clipping path services. Due to the nature of their job, they require a lot of clipping path services done on hundreds of products on a daily basis. It will be pretty hectic to maintain the right workforce and get the clipping path services or image cut out services done on the packshot photography studio. Most common practice is to outsource clipping path services and image cut out services to a professional clipping path services company.

Clipping path services company is equipped with adobe Photoshop cs3, adobe Photoshop cs4 and above and very skilled in utilizing these tools for image cut out or background removal or other photo editing or retouching works. Since you can hire a bulk clipping path services outsourcing partner for a fraction of the cost you would otherwise incur, why not hire an image cut out company and let them do the job?

If you have high volume of product photos that need to go through clipping path services or image cut out services process, you can negotiate a deal with your bulk clipping path company as higher the quantity, lower will be the price. Its best that you send in as much details as possible including monthly quantity so that you can get the best possible pricing.

Give Joolo Media a try. Joolo Media is the best clipping path services company out there with best quality and most competitive rate. Once you see the free sample work and competitive pricing, you will not hesitate any longer to hire Joolo Media as  your clipping path outsourcing partner.

<![CDATA[Bangladesh: Hot Clipping Path Service Outsourcing Destination]]>Thu, 03 Dec 2015 16:39:23 GMThttp://productsinthenews.weebly.com/blog/-bangladesh-hot-clipping-path-service-outsourcing-destinationWhen it comes to IT or other business process outsourcing, there are few countries that instantly come in to the mind. China, India, Philippines, Bangladesh are the countries that are most dominating out of all. Out of all the developing countries that are dominating the outsourcing sector, Bangladesh is the country is that quick gaining a strong foothold.

There are various reasons for this success Bangladesh has achieved over the last decade. First, living expenses in the capital city Dhaka is lot less than that of Delhi, India or Manila, Philippine. When it comes of office cost, rent for the office in Dhaka, Bangladesh is 20% less than Delhi and 40% less than Manila. Just the lower wage and low office rent are the 2 main driving force that is helping Bangladesh in the outsourcing sector.

Another advantage is the educated youth population. Almost 50% of the total population in Bangladesh are youth population and majority of them are under 25 years of age. This young and educated workforce are not just young and educated but also computer literate and highly energetic. This highly energetic young population is another strong reason for Bangladesh being so successful in clipping path service or photo cut outs outsourcing market.

No internet business can survive without high speed internet connection. High speed fibre connection that works as a backbone of the country's internet is also giving the country's clipping path outsourcing service and photo cut outs outsourcing a positive enforcement. Data cost being lot lower in Bangladesh compared to India and Philippine, clipping path service or photo cut outs is enjoying the benefit of high volume data transfer without breaking the bank.

Government and various other private organization, whether it is local or foreign, organizing and offering training courses and outsourcing seminars all the time. You population in Bangladesh are quickly being knowledgeable in the IT outsourcing sector, one of the most commonly known market being clipping path service and photo cut outs outsourcing.

With the current trend, there is no doubt that in the next 10 years, Bangladesh will be the top leading country in IT and business process outsourcing.

<![CDATA[Clipping path outsourcing keeps you worry free]]>Wed, 02 Dec 2015 07:55:01 GMThttp://productsinthenews.weebly.com/blog/-clipping-path-outsourcing-keeps-you-worry-freeIts pretty simple: less people you manage, less worry you have. It is no easy job to run a job posting, reviewing all the job applications, identify the applicants that meet the requirement, schedule interviews, and then finally select the right ones for hire.  Not to mention paying them and managing their payroll on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Paying your own salaried employees 10 times more than what it would cost you otherwise if the same clipping path or photo cut out job was outsourced offshore is a no brainer.

Why go through all the headaches and pay someone 10 times more where you can get that done for one tenth of the cost? Doesn't make a sound business sense, does it?

Working with Joolo Media, you not only can save a big bunch but you are guaranteed to get high quality clipping path outsourcing jobs at a lightening speed.

<![CDATA[ Which free tools should I use for photo cut out? ]]>Tue, 01 Sep 2015 18:08:13 GMThttp://productsinthenews.weebly.com/blog/-which-free-tools-should-i-use-for-photo-cut-out Lot of hobby photographers come up with this question. Which free photo editing tool is good for photo cut out or clipping path (bild freistellen)? Hobby photographers or average home users don't find the need of editing photos on a regular basis. Or at least not in a quantity that justifies a licensing fee, especially if it is monthly fees, to buy or subscribe to a professional photo editing program like adobe Photoshop.

Lot of good smart phones these days come with basic photo editing features. Also, smart phones these days have so many features and special effects which can be used to take pictures, most average home users or hobby photographers can just get buy with the pre-loaded tools in their smart phones. A very few that need to do some editing like photo cut out or clipping path (bild freistellen) need to find a free tool that they can use on an occasional basis to edit photos.

One good tool that is being extremely popular these days is GIMP. Hobby users will find all they need to do in this tool as it is loaded with various option that allows to do you pretty much all a hobby user need to do. Only thing this tool lacks is enough tutorials covering various topics. Lack of enough tutorial is preventing this tool being more widely used.

So if you are a hobby photographer looking to get a tool that is free and works just fine for simple use like clipping path or photo cut out, minor editing and photo retouching, then give this tool a try. Youtube has some tutorials, doing a google search will also land you on some more tutorials. With a little reading and a little practice, you will find yourself comfortable with the tool to do your photo editing like clipping path and photo cu out.

<![CDATA[ Working with non-professional images for ghost mannequin editing ]]>Sun, 14 Jun 2015 06:30:42 GMThttp://productsinthenews.weebly.com/blog/-working-with-non-professional-images-for-ghost-mannequin-editingPicture
Clipping path and ghost mannequin service providers often deal with clients who take their own product photos without a professional photo studio. While working with non-professional photos are a bit more challenging that working with professionally taken photos in a photography studio with proper lightings and setting, clients always expect the clipping path and ghost mannequin service providers to come up with the professional quality finished edit.

One thing you will need to understand that working with non-professional or poor quality photos with low resolution is extremely time consuming. Aside from just doing the ghost mannequin editing for example, the photo editing service provider will have to retouch the photo adjusting brightness/contrast, work on color correction, edit the photos to fix any outline that is not correct and aligned with the other part of the dress, etc.

All these extra edits are time consuming. In some cases, doing the ghost mannequin retouching takes more time than simple ghost mannequin editing. Cost of edit therefore goes by. In some cases the edits cost double or even triple compared to the edit with a professionally shot photo.

If you are a clothing store business owner and working with ghost mannequin photography on a regular basis, you just calculate the additional cost of the edits and see it is justified for you to do your ghost mannequin photography this way. If  you have 200 new products every other week for example, that’s 2 shots per product meaning 400 photos every other week. 800 photos every month equalling to 960 photos per year.

Of course some apparel business owners will have less while some may even have 2, 5 or even 10+ times more pictures per year that will need to be edited. If  you calculate the additional cost of ghost mannequin editing, it might just be justified to setup a studio for the product photo shoot.

<![CDATA[ Photo editing came a long way ]]>Wed, 27 May 2015 17:40:24 GMThttp://productsinthenews.weebly.com/blog/-photo-editing-came-a-long-wayPicture
There was time when there was no digital camera. All pictures were taken on SLR cameras at the time. Pictures needed editing would be scanned first and then get edited. There were not that many photo editing programs available either.

Now a days, SLR cameras are museum item. Lot of digital cameras have advanced setting and some even have editing options. Home users can do minor edits right on the camera.

Then there came camera phones. At the beginning, camera phones would just take pictures which was a blessing for lot of us. Now a days, cell phones have very high end cameras integrated with apps allowing the user to edit those photos right on the phone.

However, if you are looking to get clipping path, ghost mannequin editing etc, you will still need to use professional photo editing tools and use a computer to do your photo editing.

Some people edit photos for their own personal use. Some minor editing gets done by people who take pictures on the go and share them across various social media like facebook, instagram, etc. some people are serious about the image quality of the images they share on the social medias. Since the modern day cell phones allow people to do some editing, this type of editing are done easily at no additional cost to the users.

However, those who need professional editing like clipping path, ghost mannequin etc, it is a must to hire a professional photo editing person or if the volume is large, then hire a photo editing services company to do the job.

<![CDATA[A special type of photography]]>Thu, 02 Apr 2015 20:03:01 GMThttp://productsinthenews.weebly.com/blog/a-special-type-of-photography These days, there is niche specific photography virtually in every area. Whether you want some newborn pictures, wedding photography, car photos, jewellery photography, real estate photography, aerial photography, etc, there are photographers who are specialized in these areas. Even if you want to get your pregnancy photos or boudoir photography, there are photographers targeting this niche to make a career.


Rapid increase in peoples’ online shopping habit plus the invention of new marketing medium and methods make the professional photography a choice of career for some. One specific type of photography that is very common in apparel industry for example is ghost mannequin photography or invisible mannequin photography.


We all know what mannequins are. They are the life size dolls that clothing stores use to dress as a means to display their popular items. Use of fashion design or dress form mannequin is so common these days that we can’t even imagine seeing a clothing store without a mannequin.


It is one type of advertising on physical stores. On line promotion or fashion product display, there is another form of mannequin used these days which is called invisible mannequin or ghost mannequin. Photographers who shoot such photos call them ghost mannequin photography or invisible mannequin photography. However, the entire invisible mannequin photography cannot be shot with just a camera. Taking the pictures is just the beginning step. A photo retouching services provider or photo editing company takes the mannequin photo and edits it to create an invisible mannequin effect.


Creating a ghost mannequin effect is somewhat complex. First of all, a photo editing services provider will need to start with 2 different images. One image with the dress on a mannequin and the other image is with just the dress exposing the neck tag. Photo editor then clips the required parts form those images and join them together. Lot of editing, polishing and retouching is needed to come up with a quality invisible mannequin photography so its important to have the right photo retouching services company to work with.

<![CDATA[Who shoots the photos of jewelry items?]]>Mon, 30 Mar 2015 05:33:20 GMThttp://productsinthenews.weebly.com/blog/who-shoots-the-photos-of-jewelry-itemsThere are lots of jewelry stores out there. Some operate physical traditional jewelry stores while there are lots of online jewelry shops as well these days. Even physical stores also have online presence in these days of internet and online shopping.

One things common for all types of jewelry stores which is jewelry photographs. No matter you are a physical store or online store, you will need jewelry photographs to sell your jewelry items. Online stores need them most as they solely rely on online customers.

If the jewelry item doesn’t look appealing to the prospective buyer, it is given that they will not buy it. That’s where professional jewelry photographer comes into play.

Jewelry photographers are specialized in shooting jewelry photographs and they are knowledgeable about how to do so. They understand the product and know what type of item needs what kind of lighting. Which item needs to be shot at what angle. Whether the lighting will be more centered or spread out, etc.

Even the best jewelry photographer will also need their jewelry photographs edited on a regular basis. No matter how good the photographs turn out to be, they need to be retouched by professional jewelry retouchers to make the web friendly.

Sometimes jewelry photographers hire jewelry photo retouching service providers to edit the jewelry photos, sometimes it’s the jewelry store owners do the editing or hire someone do the editing for them. Once the photos are retouched, they are ready to be published on the store front.
<![CDATA[Go bland to grand with Photoshop]]>Fri, 20 Mar 2015 19:24:27 GMThttp://productsinthenews.weebly.com/blog/go-bland-to-grand-with-photoshopTo people in the creative business, Photoshop is like a magic solution for them. Due to its vast range of tools and commands, Photoshop has become the first choice of professionals like graphic designers, graphics artists, pro photographer and people who are in similar professions. Photoshop’s power of editing and manipulation has revolutionized the print media and graphic business. With Photoshop you can do designing, photo editing and allows you to visualize your concept.

Turn any photo into a vibrant one

Photoshop is such potent software that it can turn any image into a vibrant looking masterpiece. There is a feature called lab color space in Photoshop which can improve the color of any photograph. This feature allows doing quick adjustment of color of an image and is very handy if you are short in time. Other tools and feature can do the same thing but lab color feature is time efficient as it can save a lot of time adjusting the image appearance.

Using same photograph with different appearance

Imagine how useful would it be if you can use a same photograph differently. You can do logo with it, you can design we banners with it and do more fun things. But before doing that you need to remove the background of an image. It can easily be done with photo background removal feature. You can do the background removal pen tool, refine edge tool as well as lasso tool. Image background removal is extremely helpful for images that would be used in for business purpose. For example, companies use same the same photograph in their logos, websites and business cards. Photoshop can make this process easy for the companies so they can use same image in different aspect of their business.

Adding special effects

You can create magnificent designs using the special effects of Photoshop. Colorful abstract designs, pixy dust effect, water reflect illusion etc. all can be done with Photoshop. Graphic designers create many special effects which is earning them thousands of dollars per month. The power of Photoshop is limitless. Its capability is only limited by your imagination.


Using special effects and features of Photoshop you can create images and designs that is not only attractive but also captivate everyone. You can do so much with Photoshop, which is why it is now primary tool of working for people in creative world.